Nikoo: Brenda

“Nikoo, een Nederlands noise-pop beest”

Here’s another terrific, noisy song from Nikoo on Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck. More pounding drums and group vocals bring to mind Big Pig or perhaps an angrier sounding Polyphonic Spree. Brenda rocks!

Scott Altham: If You Wait For Me

Scott Altham has done it again: another fantastic remix! After an interesting 10-month hiatus from his music (“started a company, had a little boy”) he returns with If You Wait For Me, based on If You Wait (Anahitas Promise) by Loveshadow. (Both versions are available on the ccMixter site.)

Altham’s latest is an a-Ha-esque pop ballad that includes a driving drum track, soaring electronica, and smooth crooning that will take you back to the 1980s. This is a great summer driving song, perhaps the first of many to come now that Scott Altham is back!

Scott Altham on ccMixter

Scott Altham on MySPace

Nikoo: Shameless

“Nikoo, een Nederlands noise-pop beest”

Nikoo’s bio page on Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck tells us that the six band members cranked out their latest EP in three days and it sounds like they really had a great time, too. Pounding drums and group vocals bring to mind Big Pig or perhaps an angrier sounding Polyphonic Spree.

Shameless makes me want to jump up and stomp around the yard.

Girls Are Made for Cheating: Si Tu Voulais, Je Te Mentirais

Wow, I love the electro-retro sound of Girls Are Made for Cheating! There are several band pages to be found online (see links below) and even down-loadable songs on the GAMFC page at Pure Volume. Hans (the name behind this one-man band) has even promised a new EP in July of 2010, to you can count on more songs by Girls Are Made for Cheating in this summer’s podcast episodes!

Scott Altham: Spank (Mix)

Scott Altham is an Englishman who lives here in the Netherlands. He makes excellent remixes and shares them on the ccMixter website. Spank is a remix of an original song by Loveshadow, another ccMixter artist. The are plenty of bouncy beats and electro-glitchy effects to enjoy in both the original and this excellent remix.

KALL: Child Labor

Kelly, Anne-Lise and Lotte (KALL) have put together an amazing song called Child Labor as part of their History of Rock and Roll work with David Jimenez. They have created a protest song with surprisingly upbeat music and haunting lyrics:

“I want to feel alive and free,
I want a future for my family and me.
I want my dream to come true,
I just need the will to pull through.”

You can also hear an example of David’s own work with another Kellie here.

“Me & sky” posted on 16 July 2007 by Asif Akbar on Royalty free use with permission.

Gruber: Kim is Here

A small chain of events brought me to Gruber, a local electro-dub duo. I had a café lunch at Dudok in Den Haag and picked up a flyer of events coming in January at the Haags Pop Centrum (among others). When I got home, I read through the listings and checked out those that sounded interesting by following the links from the muziekcafé area of the HPC website.

“Kim is Here” is from their first CD which is titled “And er yeah things like that.” It appears to be out of print (I checked at the local Plato store), but thankfully there are several excellent tunes on their website. Gruber songs are copyrighted, so I emailed Edith to ask permission to podcast this tune and she wrote write back to say yes. (Thanks for that, Edith!) There are lots of great samples in this one, a nice throbby baseline, plaintive vocals from Benno, and lyrics about my favorite person: Kim!

David y Kellie: Parent Conf

david and kellieHere’s a haunting, ethereal piece from David y Kellie, two awesome artists here in the Netherlands. David is from Spain and Kellie is American, so their unique sound is a blend of, well, things. Give it a listen!

Scott Altham: Songs of Triumph

More ccMixter awesomeness from fellow expat-in-the-Netherlands Scott Altham is a local British expat here in the Netherlands! This one is a techno/dance number with haunting vocals by Anchor Méjans (also a ccMixter artist).

People expect to be happy
Yet pride may trip and then fall.
Lay down your heart as a martyr…
You’ve given your inch – now Your all!

Light the brier with the torches…
Joan of Arc comes in chains…
All of her soldiers now silent…
In her soul burns a flame.

Scott Altham: Hear Us Now (poptastic mix)

Scott Altham is a local British expat here in the Netherlands who is also a regular contributor on the ccMixter website. This song is just perfect for the warm summer days ahead. The squeak of guitar strings reminds me of the clink of ice in a glass or the far off cry of gulls over the North Sea.