Nikoo: Shameless

“Nikoo, een Nederlands noise-pop beest”

Nikoo’s bio page on Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck tells us that the six band members cranked out their latest EP in three days and it sounds like they really had a great time, too. Pounding drums and group vocals bring to mind Big Pig or perhaps an angrier sounding Polyphonic Spree.

Shameless makes me want to jump up and stomp around the yard.

The Walt: Zur Biederburg

Angsty tune by from the Beep! Beep! netlabel here in the Netherlands. Plaintive vocals, lots of jangly guitars.

“In 2004, members from We vs. Death, Kismet, Stellenbosch and Dawn of Awakening, got together to form four-piece The Walt, based on a personal chemistry, geographical convenience and a shared passion for bands like At The Drive In, Medications, Q and not U, 31Knots, Me Without You and many others.”