Danish Daycare: A Purpose To My Sins

If you love the 80s like I do then you are going to love Danish Daycare!

Released recently on the 23 Seconds netlabel, the album A Story of Hurt is a terrific homage to the dark side of the 80s. Part Psychedelic Furs, part Cure, the shoegazer sound of Daniel J├Ânsson is a real treat for those who are sick of dance/pop. Driving guitars and dark drums underlay smooth and smoky vocals that bring to mind the darker side of REM or perhaps Sisters of Mercy.

The entire album is terrific and the song A Purpose To My Sins typifies the sound of the entire album. A must-download album for blustery Spring days in the Netherlands!

Emerald Park: At the Mall

A great pop song from Emerald Park‘s 2008 album For Tomorrow.

This album has recently been (re-)released on the 23 Seconds netlabel and is definitely worth a listen…and download. Thanks for sharing, folks!