Texasradiofish: Drugs of Choice

Another fresh tune from ccMixter artist  texasradiofish, this time a mashup of Colin Mutcher‘s Drugs of Choice and some sweet vocals called Go Go Gigolo by Leza2unes.

I have featured Colin Mutcher and texasradiofish before here at TD Tunes (including another remix of Drugs of Choice by audiotechnica) and think that they both create terrific music. Colin has a dark and moody voice that texasradiofish somehow transforms into a happier, upbeat song.

audiotechnica: Possible

This is a new mix by audiotechnica from the ccMixter site. It features sample tracks from four other ccMixter artists, notably Colin Mutchler‘s spoken word track called Drugs of Choice. This mix is great and I am happy to include it here, but I am also curious to find out what others have done with Colin’s vocals. More on that front later!