KALL: Child Labor

Kelly, Anne-Lise and Lotte (KALL) have put together an amazing song called Child Labor as part of their History of Rock and Roll work with David Jimenez. They have created a protest song with surprisingly upbeat music and haunting lyrics:

“I want to feel alive and free,
I want a future for my family and me.
I want my dream to come true,
I just need the will to pull through.”

You can also hear an example of David’s own work with another Kellie here.

“Me & sky” posted on 16 July 2007 by Asif Akbar on http://www.sxc.hu/photo/828647. Royalty free use with permission.

David y Kellie: Parent Conf

david and kellieHere’s a haunting, ethereal piece from David y Kellie, two awesome artists here in the Netherlands. David is from Spain and Kellie is American, so their unique sound is a blend of, well, things. Give it a listen!