Featherfin: You Left Me (featuring Richard Holmsen)

Featherfin-Butterfly-Girl-Cover-Artwork-2-w-shadow-300x300EardrumsPop is a great netlabel with a very eclectic mix of musicians and musical genres. One thing that I like about their EP offerings is that each artist covers another EardrumsPop song, paying the music forward.

Featherfin is a one-man act that creates sound-collages, mixing sounds and voices like an painter mixes colors. I have selected his song You Left Me as a terrific example of his work.

aussens@iter: A Day Like This


aussenseiterOkay, so it is clearly established at this point that I love me some drums. This is a trippy, melodic number from German musician Tobias Klein (aks aussens@iter) that has surprises at every turn: lyrical guitar riffs, thundering drum lines, and sad but beautiful words.

I will be checking out the rest of aussens@iter’s back catalog in his uploads area of ccMixter and hope to find more pod-worthy goodies soon. In the meantime, please enjoy A Day Like This at high volume!

urmymuse: falling feels like this

I don’t know much about urmymuse (yet), but I like what s/he has done with this vocal ‘pella Touch by jacindae. The lyrics shine through as the song moves from light piano/synth into deeper, minor tones…then back into sparkling,  tumbling notes that sound like rain drops. And then happy, galloping drums, then back to the rain drops!

The Womb: Clear Your History

Drums! Drums! Drums!

Wow, do I ever love the drums that Alan Driscoll uses in this surprisingly touching love ballad from The Womb‘s latest album Sex Tape! The songs starts with tripping beats that move the song into dreaming musings by Penny Walker-Keefe about starting a new relationship by forgetting the past. Great ideas, great music!

texasradiofish: American Dream

Summer is here and ccMixter is full of great summer tunes. Texasradiofish has produced a jangly, bouncy California rock number called American Dream from a vocal track by TD Tunes fav Scomber. Equal parts TRF and Scomber, this song really puts me in the mood for a stroll along the North Sea.

Radiotimes: Basically Pumping Panu

And here’s another song from Radiotimes on ccMixter. This downbeat song features poignant vocals from panu and a simple, bouncy beat that had me tapping my toes as I listened along. It reminds me of something that David Byrne and Brian Eno might have put together, yet it has a unique sound of its own, too.

Nikoo: Brenda

“Nikoo, een Nederlands noise-pop beest”

Here’s another terrific, noisy song from Nikoo on Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck. More pounding drums and group vocals bring to mind Big Pig or perhaps an angrier sounding Polyphonic Spree. Brenda rocks!

Tobias Borelius: Varför får jag en känsla av att allt som händer, händer när jag inte är där?

tobias borelius swedenOkay, so I love the Swedish group Emerald Park and listen to their music on 23 Seconds often. I play it while I am working. I play it at school. I even worked it into an annual presentation that I do here…twice!

So imagine how cool it was to find out that their lead singer Tobias Borerelius has solo album out now, too. He sings in Swedish (which is cool, of course) and produces his own sound while still reminding me of why I like Emerald Park so much to begin with. This one translates as “Why do I get the feeling that everything that happens, happens when I’m not there?” and is a lot of fun.

Texasradiofish: Die Liebe Bleibt

So here’s Texasradiofish yet again. This time they are back with a bouncy, gritty tune with German vocals provided by theod via the ccMixter site. The lyrics (offered in both German and English here) are an unusual mix of depressing (the German influence perhaps) and hopeful:

“Alles kann sich ändern
und nichts bleibt bestehen
diese Welt wird vergehen
doch die Liebe bleibt