Mason Proper: Unsafe for the time being (MC Jack in The Box mix)

This is Mason Proper as remixed by MC Jack in The Box on the Remix Fight! website. Sometimes the remixes on Remix Fight! are mangled beyond recognition and enjoyment, sometimes they are greatly improved. This is a case of the latter, of course.

While the original (available on Mason Proper’s MySpace page) is quite good, I found the music a bit muddy. MC Jack in The Box has punched up the instruments a bit and clarified the vocal wailing into a more coherent tune that is worth repeated listening.

MC Jack In The Box: Dilruba, The Ballywood Remix

I love the Remix Fight! website. They run an ongoing competition for folks to mash up selected songs and/or audio clips, then post the remixes for listeners to vote on. This is The Ballywood Remix of a song called Dilruba by Ajai. It is bouncy and fun to listen to over and over, making it a near-perfect tune!