Tobias Borelius: Varför får jag en känsla av att allt som händer, händer när jag inte är där?

tobias borelius swedenOkay, so I love the Swedish group Emerald Park and listen to their music on 23 Seconds often. I play it while I am working. I play it at school. I even worked it into an annual presentation that I do here…twice!

So imagine how cool it was to find out that their lead singer Tobias Borerelius has solo album out now, too. He sings in Swedish (which is cool, of course) and produces his own sound while still reminding me of why I like Emerald Park so much to begin with. This one translates as “Why do I get the feeling that everything that happens, happens when I’m not there?” and is a lot of fun.

Henrik José: Pinpointing the Problem


Danish Daycare: A Purpose To My Sins

If you love the 80s like I do then you are going to love Danish Daycare!

Released recently on the 23 Seconds netlabel, the album A Story of Hurt is a terrific homage to the dark side of the 80s. Part Psychedelic Furs, part Cure, the shoegazer sound of Daniel Jönsson is a real treat for those who are sick of dance/pop. Driving guitars and dark drums underlay smooth and smoky vocals that bring to mind the darker side of REM or perhaps Sisters of Mercy.

The entire album is terrific and the song A Purpose To My Sins typifies the sound of the entire album. A must-download album for blustery Spring days in the Netherlands!

Emerald Park: At the Mall

A great pop song from Emerald Park‘s 2008 album For Tomorrow.

This album has recently been (re-)released on the 23 Seconds netlabel and is definitely worth a listen…and download. Thanks for sharing, folks!

Lucky Misu: How To Hold On Tight (Granlab remix)

Today’s tune is a Lucky Misu gem from the past. According to Lucky Misu’s website, Daniel Bergström (the man behind the name) is on hiatus (“both inspiration and time have run out”) and there may be no new songs forthcoming. This is a shame and I will continue to feature items from his back-catalog here on TD Tunes. His work can also be found on the CorpID netlabel and in the Internet Archive.

This particular song is a remix by Granlab of the Lucky Misu song How to Hold on Tight. The original song is from his Puzzled album and is part of an album called Repuzzled which features great versions of his music as envisioned by others like Emily in Love and Drei Farben House (who are also on the CorpID label).

Ruin Roads: Death March To Sun Fun City

Here’s a rough and tumble tune by Sweden’s Ruin Roads. Found on the ccMixter site, it includes samples by FORENSIC and waysidedrive. Although it is, um, “not safe for work”, it is a great song to those times that you want to motivate yourself to get stuff done. 🙂 Lot’s of hard-driving, metal noise and great vocals!

Tor Bruce: Heatherstreet main theme

Tor Bruce creates instumental electro-pop in Sweden that is kicky and fun. (I seem to really like to use the word fun to describe the music I select for this blo/podcast.) Pics on his website show him to be a one-man act: drum machine, keyboards, mixing board.

Try this selection (Heatherstreet) and see what you think!

Ixtlan: Put Them In

Ixtlan is one of the most bizarre bands I have seen in quite a while. They are, according to their own website and also their 23 Seconds profile, a Swedish duo consisting of Bo Green and Kent Holm. Large amounts of their profile is apparently fiction…but fun to read. Their music is cosmic and weird but lots of fun, too. Put Them In is quite listenable and safe for work, but listen to their other songs at your own risk! 😉

If There Is Something: Still Dancing

More fun from Sweden’s If There Is Something on the 23 Seconds netlabel. This one is great for thrashing around with the ol’ iPod on or biking furiously towards the North Sea. The keyboards are my fav thing in this song and I really wish someone at ccMixter would make a megamix out of these tracks, too.

If There Is Something: The Joy Of

Hard driving fun from this Swedish group’s debut album Put your jacket on on the 23 Seconds netlabel. Not much more to say but my usual “Enjoy” remark…and look for more from If There Is Something in future podcasts!