Scomber: This is Independence Day

Another gem from one of my favorite one-man-bands: Scomber. This is yet another goody from the ccMixter website…and it is worth noting that Scomber’s own website seems to be AWOL. Dunno what happened there, but the good news is that all of his excellent work seems to be available on ccMixter, so no worries!

According to the liner notes, this intense techno ballad features DoKashiteru & the Scomber Fingerlings. DoKashiteru is a familar face here at TD Tunes, and the Scomber Fingerlings seem to be those precocious children of his. Well done, Scomber!

DoKashiteru: I Fell Out of the Sky (featuring State Shirt)

Wow! With a bit of The Walkmen and a bit of Tim Booth (of James), this amazingly intense wall of sound is so much fun to listen to. I love the lyrics and the earnestness behind them from vocalist State Shirt on the ccMixer site. Well mixed, DoKashiteru.