Lucky Misu & Bleulel: Pozo

Another melancholy tune from Lucky Misu’s ultimate (as in final) album. This is another Eno/Cale flavored number with a nice relaxing beat that made my rainy Sunday afternoon a little bit nicer.

Lucky Misu & Bleulel: Unwanted Dance Battle

Sad news from the Corpid Netlabel website:

“Dear fans of Lucky Misu, I’m sad to say that this could be the last Lucky Misu release ever. Both inspiration and time have run out. Hopefully there will be a comeback some day, but I wouldn’t count on it. Some plans have been made to produce music with other artist but only time will tell how that will work out. As a ‘Goodbye’ I teamed up with Argentinian artist Bleulel for a split/combo EP. Bleulel files were sent across the Atlantic for a Lucky Misu treatment and the result is this included in this release. It’s ironic, but this is by far the best Lucky Misu release… ”

This song reminds me of the Eno/Cale album Wrong Way up with its drum machines, blips, and tough but tight harmonies. We’ll miss you, Lucky Misu!