Mary Cigarettes: Burning Bridges That Never Really Mattered

Mary Cigarettes is an unusual name for this one-man band from the CorpId netlabel. His high, sweet vocals and gently bouncing accompaniment (high hat snare and popping organ slides) add a layer of smokey emotion to this catchy tune. The lyrics are chock full of sly shots at the cliche lyrics of 80s pop songs, too…an audio treat for music fans!

Emily in Love: Half a Chance

Emily in Love is back with another amazing EP called Let’s Pretend We’re In Love. Shared via the CorpId netlabel, this EP features some amazing work from Emily and her cohorts Pia and Ricardo. The vocals on this track are a terrific mix of hopeful and sad at the same time and would be a great choice for a Say Anything-style romantic pitch. Anyone? Anyone?

Lucky Misu & Bleulel: Pozo

Another melancholy tune from Lucky Misu’s ultimate (as in final) album. This is another Eno/Cale flavored number with a nice relaxing beat that made my rainy Sunday afternoon a little bit nicer.

Lucky Misu & Bleulel: Unwanted Dance Battle

Sad news from the Corpid Netlabel website:

“Dear fans of Lucky Misu, I’m sad to say that this could be the last Lucky Misu release ever. Both inspiration and time have run out. Hopefully there will be a comeback some day, but I wouldn’t count on it. Some plans have been made to produce music with other artist but only time will tell how that will work out. As a ‘Goodbye’ I teamed up with Argentinian artist Bleulel for a split/combo EP. Bleulel files were sent across the Atlantic for a Lucky Misu treatment and the result is this included in this release. It’s ironic, but this is by far the best Lucky Misu release… ”

This song reminds me of the Eno/Cale album Wrong Way up with its drum machines, blips, and tough but tight harmonies. We’ll miss you, Lucky Misu!

Keyboard (aka Fredy Alvarez): Antojos

Wow, this is heady stuff! Deep bass, bouncing beats, chirpy keyboards. Fredy Alvarez (aka Keyboard) has put together an amazing EP of dance-worthy goodness called (I kid you not) Beans with Bacon. No lyrics from this Columbian musician and producer, but maybe that is okay when the music is this good.

Drei Farben House: Signature Design

Drei Farben HauseCorpid calls this track “elegant and shimmering house music, smooth and fluent, like a tailored costume by Chloé.” It is indeed smooth (but a bit bouncy) and very easy-on-the-ears. Enjoy this track and, if you like it, check out other Drei Farben House tracks in the Internet Archive.

Signature Design

Bobby Baby: Some Place New

Bobby BabyI like the rhythm of Bobby Baby’s Some Place New. It makes me wish I was on my bike pedaling along through the countryside. (There is a video on her website, by the way. It happens to be about driving in a car, so maybe I didn’t exactly make up the biking thing.)