vitaminsforyou: Six O’Clock Whispers

And now for more vitaminsforyou out of Winnipeg from the Internet Archive. This is the second tune to be featured here on TD Tunes and is also worth a listen. A bit darker than Being Away Fame and with a quieter start. Have a listen and chill out, eh?

vitaminsforyou: Being Away Fame (A Song for the Xenophobic)

And here’s vitaminsforyou out of Winnipeg from the Internet Archive: “Straight from Winnipeg’s experimental electronic scene, vitaminsforyou has been developing sound and music for theatre, dance, film, video, animation and prose across Canada working with artists in a variety of genres from electro-acoustic sound designers to some of Canadas darling pop practitioners. Recent performances include an invitation to play at Mexico Citys Mutek Festival, Toronto’s Canadian Electronic Ensembles Festival and the Deep Wireless Festival, Montreal’s Mutek Festival, Saskatoon’s Digidome Festival of contemporary sound, music, and digital video, Vancouver’s New Forms Festival, and Winnipeg’s Send and Receive Festival.”

Easy-going electronica with a marching band surprise near the end…so much fun!