aussens@iter: A Day Like This


aussenseiterOkay, so it is clearly established at this point that I love me some drums. This is a trippy, melodic number from German musician Tobias Klein (aks aussens@iter) that has surprises at every turn: lyrical guitar riffs, thundering drum lines, and sad but beautiful words.

I will be checking out the rest of aussens@iter’s back catalog in his uploads area of ccMixter and hope to find more pod-worthy goodies soon. In the meantime, please enjoy A Day Like This at high volume!

Texasradiofish: Die Liebe Bleibt

So here’s Texasradiofish yet again. This time they are back with a bouncy, gritty tune with German vocals provided by theod via the ccMixter site. The lyrics (offered in both German and English here) are an unusual mix of depressing (the German influence perhaps) and hopeful:

“Alles kann sich ändern
und nichts bleibt bestehen
diese Welt wird vergehen
doch die Liebe bleibt

s:e:m:a: Am Rande der Wörter

Music on the plpl/++ netlabel seems to run the techno-electro gammut from minimal and glitch to full-blown house/dance tracks. This is a track from the group s:e:m:a out of Köln in Germany. It includes spoken word poetry for an interesting effect that does not distract from the down-tempo, dance-worthy beat. Give it a listen and think of Sprokets: Now is the time when we dance!

Drei Farben House: Signature Design

Drei Farben HauseCorpid calls this track “elegant and shimmering house music, smooth and fluent, like a tailored costume by Chloé.” It is indeed smooth (but a bit bouncy) and very easy-on-the-ears. Enjoy this track and, if you like it, check out other Drei Farben House tracks in the Internet Archive.

Signature Design