texasradiofish: American Dream

Summer is here and ccMixter is full of great summer tunes. Texasradiofish has produced a jangly, bouncy California rock number called American Dream from a vocal track by TD Tunes fav Scomber. Equal parts TRF and Scomber, this song really puts me in the mood for a stroll along the North Sea.

Scomber: Obi Wan Kenobi Rides the Spagetti Express

Just can’t seem to get enough from Scomber. This oddly-titled track is his latest offering on the ccMixter website. It features contributions by Forensic and Zapac and is indescribably fun to listen to. The kitchen sink sound includes a bouncy beat, funky guitars, a horn section, and a wailing harmonica. I am not sure what the lyrics (and title) are all about, but it doesn’t really matter. Scomber & Co are simply awesome!

Scomber: This is Independence Day

Another gem from one of my favorite one-man-bands: Scomber. This is yet another goody from the ccMixter website…and it is worth noting that Scomber’s own website seems to be AWOL. Dunno what happened there, but the good news is that all of his excellent work seems to be available on ccMixter, so no worries!

According to the liner notes, this intense techno ballad features DoKashiteru & the Scomber Fingerlings. DoKashiteru is a familar face here at TD Tunes, and the Scomber Fingerlings seem to be those precocious children of his. Well done, Scomber!

Scomber: Things I Love, Things I Hate

More awesomeness from the Scomber! His terrific sense of humor with music and the creativity of his own children make this even more fun than White Hippy Suburban Family Business (and that’s saying something). The list of things that his girl likes and hates is lots of fun and the beat to this one (combined with some surprisingly good xylophone riffs, believe it or not) makes it a treat to hear. Brought to you by ccMixter, of course!

Scomber: UhOh (microwave recipe mix)

This is more Scomber on the ccMixter site.

He is undertaking a pretty cool project: a new songe every day for an entire year. My hero! This is song number 28 and is listed as “urbanstreetcase/alternative dance”. I like the bouncing, rolling beats and the peppy vocals by Jacinda Espinosa, whose original tracks have been remixed several times already.

Scomber: Heart Attack

A bit of Fine Young Cannibals vocal stylings mixed with Communards-esque dance piano and a driving drum line… Just so much fun once it gets going. It reminds me of parties I used to go to in college back in the late 80s and early 90s.

This is Scomber (yet again) on the ccMixter site. Enjoy the flashbacks!

Scomber: White Hippy Suburban Family Business

What the heck is this? From the ccMixter site, I present you with Scomber‘s White Hippy Suburban Family Business. This odd, bouncy song includes spoken word lyrics by “Uncle Frank and Colin”…cute and random things from Colin, somber title lyrics from Frank. (Think Frank from Donnie Darko on this one.) Enjoyable on several levels!

Scomber: Why? (GE Full Intention mix)

George Ellinas has done a totally amazing mix of Scomber’s Why? on the ccMixter site. Trippy beats, bouncing bass, ravy-gravy throughout. An excellent pick-me-up for those moments when things don’t seem to be going right and you just wonder why. No worries when this one plays!

Check out GE’s Facebook page to learn more about his work.