Snowflake: We are Free (at the root)

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Snowflake and friends have created a fierce song that includes text/audio from Larry Lessig and Henry David Thoreau. While the message is serious, the beat and vocals are pure fun!

“We’ve been hacking at the branches
You’ve been stealing all the loot
Now we are marching for the changes
That are striking at the root”

Carosone: Give it up

Italian musician Francesco Carosone is a talented composer and remixer. He has been active on the ccMixter website since 2008 and says he was brought there by fellow ccMixter musician Calendar Girl.

This groovy tune is a re-visioning of Give It Up by Snowflake. The percussion and strings add a bit of urgency to the sleepy lyrics and make it a fun but soothing song to listen to on a cloudy day. (And how often to you get to hear the gamelan in a ccMixter song?)