Nattvaktaren & Moe Lodin: Baby Lemonade

Like something from a rock musical soundtrack, this tune changes rythm and style several times, seeming to tell a story…but I have no idea what that story might be! Sometimes it’s fun to be on the outside, and that’s exactly what you get with this fun song.

Dumb Dan: Padded Shoulders Marathon (edit)

Some ABC-flavored synthezier tinkling combined with a Dirty Vegas-esque voice warp combine to create a great dance tune from the oddly named Dumb Dan on the Bevlar netlabel.

Tor Bruce: Jasmin et des Jonquilles

Kim Ann hasn’t heard this one yet, but I’ll bet she will love Bruce Tor’s  Jasmin et des Jonquilles! It is dark and moody, has a great, bouncy bass line, and is in French to boot!

Tor Bruce (sometimes known by his alias Utz Utz Utz Utz) produces great stuff…including a his own version of Dedacia’s Muscle Man. Worth a listen!

Dedacia: Muscle Man

Dedacia (aka Peter Sonnert)Here’s another great song for Dedacia December from: Muscle Man by Peter Sonnert (aka Dedacia). The beat is fantastic and the odd, robotic lyrics are fun to sing along with!

“I want to gain more muscle power
I must improve my strength
And if I train, at least one hour
Then I can be a Muscle Man

It turns out that Dedacia’s netlabel Bevlar is now defunct (but not de-funked!). Their collected work (including other great artists) can still be found in the Bevlar area of the Internet Archive.