Lucky Misu: How To Hold On Tight (Granlab remix)

Today’s tune is a Lucky Misu gem from the past. According to Lucky Misu’s website, Daniel Bergström (the man behind the name) is on hiatus (“both inspiration and time have run out”) and there may be no new songs forthcoming. This is a shame and I will continue to feature items from his back-catalog here on TD Tunes. His work can also be found on the CorpID netlabel and in the Internet Archive.

This particular song is a remix by Granlab of the Lucky Misu song How to Hold on Tight. The original song is from his Puzzled album and is part of an album called Repuzzled which features great versions of his music as envisioned by others like Emily in Love and Drei Farben House (who are also on the CorpID label).

Lucky Misu & Bleulel: Pozo

Another melancholy tune from Lucky Misu’s ultimate (as in final) album. This is another Eno/Cale flavored number with a nice relaxing beat that made my rainy Sunday afternoon a little bit nicer.

Lucky Misu & Bleulel: Unwanted Dance Battle

Sad news from the Corpid Netlabel website:

“Dear fans of Lucky Misu, I’m sad to say that this could be the last Lucky Misu release ever. Both inspiration and time have run out. Hopefully there will be a comeback some day, but I wouldn’t count on it. Some plans have been made to produce music with other artist but only time will tell how that will work out. As a ‘Goodbye’ I teamed up with Argentinian artist Bleulel for a split/combo EP. Bleulel files were sent across the Atlantic for a Lucky Misu treatment and the result is this included in this release. It’s ironic, but this is by far the best Lucky Misu release… ”

This song reminds me of the Eno/Cale album Wrong Way up with its drum machines, blips, and tough but tight harmonies. We’ll miss you, Lucky Misu!