urmymuse: falling feels like this

I don’t know much about urmymuse (yet), but I like what s/he has done with this vocal ‘pella¬†Touch by jacindae. The lyrics shine through as the song moves from light piano/synth into deeper, minor tones…then back into sparkling, ¬†tumbling notes that sound like rain drops. And then happy, galloping drums, then back to the rain drops!

Girls Are Made for Cheating: Si Tu Voulais, Je Te Mentirais

Wow, I love the electro-retro sound of Girls Are Made for Cheating! There are several band pages to be found online (see links below) and even down-loadable songs on the GAMFC page at Pure Volume. Hans (the name behind this one-man band) has even promised a new EP in July of 2010, to you can count on more songs by Girls Are Made for Cheating in this summer’s podcast episodes!