Manolo Camp: i should’ve kissed you

Manolo Camp is new to the TD Tunes list. With this entry, a mix including vocal pellas from Color Theory, he has created a bouncy, quirky dance ballad is both upbeat and sad. The screeching synth adds to the mood by creating a jarring, off-kilter feel to this song, preventing it from veering into too-smooth, too-trite territory.

Radiotimes: The Happiness of Larry

So here’s a terrific, upbeat song from Radiotimes on ccMixter. It includes vocals from Fronz Arp and some very happy percussion…and I think those are real instruments, too!

Scott Altham: If You Wait For Me

Scott Altham has done it again: another fantastic remix! After an interesting 10-month hiatus from his music (“started a company, had a little boy”) he returns with If You Wait For Me, based on If You Wait (Anahitas Promise) by Loveshadow. (Both versions are available on the ccMixter site.)

Altham’s latest is an a-Ha-esque pop ballad that includes a driving drum track, soaring electronica, and smooth crooning that will take you back to the 1980s. This is a great summer driving song, perhaps the first of many to come now that Scott Altham is back!

Scott Altham on ccMixter

Scott Altham on MySPace

The Womb: True Love

Wow, The Womb has a terrific back catalog!

Featured previously on the 23 Seconds site, The Womb is a two-person act consisting of Alan Driscoll and Chloë Reeves. Driscoll has a dark, brooding voice that reminds me a bit of Lou Reed, but this song features Reeves Brit-pop word art. True Love combines her Chumbawumba-style rhythmic chants with a drum machine and bass line that are reminiscent of Alien Sex Fiend’s Ignore the Machine.

Enjoy this one at high volume!

Insect Guide: Bats

Wow, this is some crazy good shoegazer music!

From the EardrumPop website, this is Insect Guide, a trio from Leeds (UK). The warm, jangling buzz of the guitars and the buttery smooth vocals of Su Sutton make me want to close my eyes and smell the darkness of a crowded room. The tripping drums and up and down mood of this song have got me hooked and I have been playing it over and over trying to get it out of my head!

PS: I will definitely have to ask Neil about these folks as he is quite the expert on his hometown music scene. 🙂

Nikoo: Shameless

“Nikoo, een Nederlands noise-pop beest”

Nikoo’s bio page on Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck tells us that the six band members cranked out their latest EP in three days and it sounds like they really had a great time, too. Pounding drums and group vocals bring to mind Big Pig or perhaps an angrier sounding Polyphonic Spree.

Shameless makes me want to jump up and stomp around the yard.

Snowflake: We are Free (at the root)

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Snowflake and friends have created a fierce song that includes text/audio from Larry Lessig and Henry David Thoreau. While the message is serious, the beat and vocals are pure fun!

“We’ve been hacking at the branches
You’ve been stealing all the loot
Now we are marching for the changes
That are striking at the root”

Carosone: Give it up

Italian musician Francesco Carosone is a talented composer and remixer. He has been active on the ccMixter website since 2008 and says he was brought there by fellow ccMixter musician Calendar Girl.

This groovy tune is a re-visioning of Give It Up by Snowflake. The percussion and strings add a bit of urgency to the sleepy lyrics and make it a fun but soothing song to listen to on a cloudy day. (And how often to you get to hear the gamelan in a ccMixter song?)

Vidian: Wait (V’s Liquid Danger Mix)

Here’s Vidian, a young Toronto mix-master who

Henrik José: Pinpointing the Problem