Martinibomb: Fab Cushion

Cool little mix by Martinibomb called Fab Cushion. It has monkey hoots and screeches in it, which I think are just awesome!

Bobby Baby: Some Place New

Bobby BabyI like the rhythm of Bobby Baby’s Some Place New. It makes me wish I was on my bike pedaling along through the countryside. (There is a video on her website, by the way. It happens to be about driving in a car, so maybe I didn’t exactly make up the biking thing.)

MC Jack In The Box: Dilruba, The Ballywood Remix

I love the Remix Fight! website. They run an ongoing competition for folks to mash up selected songs and/or audio clips, then post the remixes for listeners to vote on. This is The Ballywood Remix of a song called Dilruba by Ajai. It is bouncy and fun to listen to over and over, making it a near-perfect tune!