Kim Tyo-Dickerson

Educational Philosophy

As a teacher librarian, my teaching philosophy includes principles and practices as defined by my roles in libraries, learning, literacy and leadership:

Libraries are “thrilling temples of the unexpected” (Hilda the Series, 2018). My passion for libraries, reading and inquiry stems from this awe and awareness that to have a library in a school is to have an exciting discovery center at its heart. As the librarian marshalling the unexpected, I help my students make connections to the lessons of history, point out multi-faceted lenses into the present and open gateways to the future and unlimited potential for their learning. I know from experience that for adolescents to have the confidence to take risks with their learning, for them to enter and embrace the “temple of the unexpected”, they require student-centered libraries that they trust, libraries that are warm, welcoming and, above all, safe spaces for them to engage with the world of information and ideas.

Learning is a personal journey. Every member of my library community benefits from more conscious, personalized approaches to their reading and inquiry. I build relationships with students and faculty to create lessons, reading experiences and collections based on a rich understanding of the IB learner profile and curriculum, as well as the diverse, international community I serve. I evaluate, select and curate resources to provoke further investigations and explorations of concepts, as well as nurturing students’ creativity through Guided Inquiry design and information search process, helping them develop as knowledgeable, ethical individuals in a global society.

Literacy is the basis for lifelong learning and inquiry. I know that the right book in the right hand at the right time can transform lives. Reading is the foundational skill for all stages of a student’s intellectual, social and emotional development, both in and out of the classroom. Literate individuals are able to think, communicate and reflect on their learning and engage as open-minded, knowledgeable citizens in real world contexts. Students must be readers, building deep reading habits that help them establish background knowledge, recognize inferences, master critical thinking and problem-solving skills and, ultimately, create empathy in a connected, multicultural and intercultural society.

Leadership is an opportunity to serve my school community and the global community of libraries and librarians. I am adept at making connections between people and resources, able to articulate and share a school-wide vision for the development of multiple literacies across grade levels and curricular areas. I read, write and perform evidence-based research, sharing my love of inquiry with my students, faculty and colleagues around the world. I create and present professional learning workshops in my school and at conferences, always communicating the value of libraries, information literacy and digital citizenship to both local and global stakeholders. Libraries are laboratories for ideas, so I enjoy sharing, experimenting and working with diverse perspectives in a team-oriented environment, one where I mentor and support the library team so that they can take ownership of initiatives, working and growing together for the benefit of the entire school community.

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