The Tyo-Dickersons

International Educators and Leaders

Kim Tyo-Dickerson

Head of Libraries and Upper School Librarian

Libraries are “thrilling temples of the unexpected” (Hilda the Series, 2018). My passion for libraries, reading and inquiry stems from this awe and awareness that to have a library in a school is to have an exciting discovery center at its heart. As the librarian marshalling the unexpected, I help my students make connections to the lessons of history, point out multi-faceted lenses into the present and open gateways to the future and unlimited potential for their learning. I know from experience that for adolescents to have the confidence to take risks with their learning, for them to enter and embrace the “temple of the unexpected”, they require student-centered libraries that they trust, libraries that are warm, welcoming and, above all, safe spaces for them to engage with the world of information and ideas.

Aaron Tyo-Dickerson

Technology Innovation Coordinator, Teacher for MYP Digital Design and Pathfinder Programme

"I believe that all technologies, whether hardware, software, or systems, should empower students to follow their curiosities and interests and that educators who use the inquiry model are best situated to promote individualized learning experiences and support choices for exhibitions of learning both in and out of the classroom."